Interwar Lithuanian Fishermen Regattas at Sea

Romualdas Adomavičius Jr., historian from my beloved Lithuanian Sea Museum, writes about fishermen regatta at the Curonian lagoon (that I have posted here in Lithuanian).

Although this racing initiative was coming from German-speaking Memellanders but during interwar there were some attempts to make events more pro-Lithuanian. Unfortunately, invasion of the Third Reich and consecutive loss of Klaipeda followed by the World War Two and its horrific consequences to the local population, who were either killed or deported by Soviets, have stopped evolution of this initiative. The history itself has started from zero here and not all was restored.

But do not think that our fellow Valdas Japertas has no argument to Romas!

Interwar LBS Sailing School

Original Lithuanian text © Valdas Japertas

Translated to English © Egidijus Nasevičius

* * *

On 1st of July in 1936, a line of thirty cadets, smartly wearing their white uniform dress, listened to official speeches during the opening ceremony of the LBS (Lithuanian Yachting Union) Sailing School. After the LBS Chairman Mr Jurkunas delivered his speech, a white-with-a-blue-strip burgee was hoisted.

The school was located in a boathouse, which was freshly built that spring, of Klaipeda Yacht Club (it was Lithuanian, not local German yacht club, and was located across the harbor in Smiltyne village – here and all the following remarks in brackets and italic are by Later, next to the boathouse, a small marina was also built but at that solemn moment just a pool was started to dig out and the marina wasn’t finished that year yet.

Do We Still Need Yachting Union?

Put aside your axes and grapnels for you hear this question not from me trolling, as you used to find such here and so often before! I have alibi this time for we have a guest writer whom there is no need to introduce (and no, he is not a twin brother of first Lithuanian Olympic champion boxer Danas Pozniakas!). For original in Lithuanian, click here.


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© Artūras Dovydėnas,
Owner and Head Instructor,
KBM (Kreiserinio Buriavimo Mokykla – School of Yachting)  


Do We Still Need Lithuanian Yachting Union?

Showcase of Maritime Nation

A hole in the pants of a ‘true’ man might be not an issue to feel smart. But so often it happens that a woman opens her wardrobe and has quick sense: There is a full closet of clothes but nothing to put on!

And don’t even think about comforting her with a compliment that, you know, darling, but you are most pretty to me without any clothes on at all. By doing this you just confirm another common truth that all men are merely pigs and they are interesting in fornication only. Nobody cannot expect here any kind of aesthetically and spiritually expressed feelings; no romance and poetry; no proper size of the dress that fits her, no matching shoes to swoon upon, and no hand-bag to complete overall harmony. Dammit, crud.

Phenomenon of Nothing-To-Put-On is quite often, repeats periodically, and flares up when one is in love and during springtime when mother nature and hormones perk.

Skaityti toliau

Some Recipes for a Mannish Cake and more

It might be my first but probably will not be the last attempt to post here in English. There are some older Lithuanian posts that got good view statistics and are still interesting and now proofed by the time so they could be translated, too. Going global?

Perhaps. Who knows, really. But please find my latest post translated below (and feel free to correct my grammar).

For Lithuanian original post go here.

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At the recent yachtsmen’s Thursday meeting (and if you are not aware, we have them here in Vilnius organized already third year in a row by Darius ‘The Beatle’ Germanavicius, Vice-Commodore of so-called sailing anarchists Minge yacht-club and current Vice-President for Communications of Lithuanian Sailing Union) that is held in Vilnius under the White Bridge in the G-Luck bar, I have bought a freshly printed book ‘A Recipe for the Mannish Cake’ (Vyriško Torto Receptas in Lithuanian, that I would rather translate as ‘The Doughty Doughnut’) by Rimtautas Rimsas, our fellow yachtsman, skipper, and sailing writer.

Skaityti toliau