Sailing Clubs

N.B! corrected design means that all club burgees and commodore pennants are created here according to the LBS design idea of 2004 on using the same standard LBS burgee for all member clubs with added club emblem after LBS anchor emblem; commodore and club president pennants are same club burgees with swallow-head to distinguish them from the regular club burgee; unofficial here means that a club burgee or pennant is not yet officially used by the club although design pattern, as based on the above-mentioned LBS Board decision, applies to the member club.

Any corrections and updates here are welcome! Sorted by the date established.


Panevėžys Yachting Club / Panevėžio Jacht[ų Buriuotojų] Klubas

  • Established: 1990
  • First Commodore: no data
  • HQ: Panevėžys
  • LBS member since: 1990.
  • Current Commodore: Jokūbas Leipus

N.B! unofficial burgee as based on the sailing club’s flag


Marijampolė Sailing Club / Marijampolės Buriuotojų Klubas

  • Established: 1997 (informally started in 1971)
  • First Commodore: Genadijus Draskinis
  • HQ: Marijampolė
  • LBS member since: 1997.
  • Current Commodore: Žydrūnas Naumavičius

N.B! corrected design of the unofficial Sailing Club burgee


Vilkaviškis Škvalas Sailing Club / Vilkaviškio Buriuotojų Klubas “Škvalas“

  • Established: 1998
  • First Commodore: Eimutis Inkrata
  • HQ: Vilkaviškis
  • LBS member since: not a member
  • Current Commodore: Eimutis Inkrata

N.B! if a member, corrected design of the unofficial Sailing Club burgee


Elektrėnai Poseidonas Sailing Club / Elektrėnų Buriuotojų Klubas “Poseidonas“

  • Established: 2011 (informally started in 1962)
  • First Commodore: Eugenijus Karalius
  • HQ: Elektrėnai
  • LBS member since: 2012
  • Current Commodore: Vaidas Bernotas

N.B! corrected design of the unofficial Sailing Club burgee